Monday, May 24, 2010

I assume, if you're reading this blog - you know at least a small amount about the 3 Day. So you know about the $2,300 each walker must raise. It takes simple math to know that with a seven man team that equals $16,100 we need to get together for all of us to be able to walk.

So, a fund raising we will go!!

I personally have had a FANTASTIC response from facebook. We have also been selling home made tshirts, Sharon bracelets, and baked goods. On top of that, we have had a great Scentsy fund raiser and a WONDERFUL sale at Walmart.

Tshirts - here's the deal. I do not want to order 100 shirts and not have them sell. So, what we chose to do is to make them ourselves by order. Im able to work with the graphics on a photo editing program, print the transfer sheet and put the shirt together! They're super easy and weve had a great response!This is my boys in their "Real Men Wear Pink" design.

Walmart sale - we worked and planned and worked some more on making items, decorating items, researching things to sell and ordering things to sell.
We scheduled with Walmart to sell our items and can on Mother's Day. Our tables with sale items were set up at each entrance door and we had our kids do the actual canning. What a great response we got from our local community! All of our items were completely sold out and we raised a little under $2,200! Not bad for a days work! Im so proud of the work the kids put into that day! My ten year old had no fear and was not ashamed in the least to ask any and every person that walked in and out of that store. Alone, he raised $350. Just by canning..

Angel of Grace is a great fund raiser! I found them by reading other 3 Day blogs and researching fundraising ideas. Sharon bracelets come in various colors and sizes. Theyre made in honor of one of the girls sister, who lost her fight to breast cancer. The bracelets are sent in blocks of 25. You set your own prices and resell them at will. More info on them can be found here.

Our Scentsy fundraiser went very well also! A good friend of mine, Danielle, is a Scentsy consultant and offered us a three week fundraiser. She offered us 100% of the profits from the sale! Orders are being totaled now but it lookes like our total order is going to be over $1500! Thanks Danielle, for a fantastic fund raiser! If youre looking for a consultant - look no further than here!

Oh, I almost forgot about the flamingos! I read on the 3 Day website about "Flocking" people. Its something I had never heard of but what a cute and fun idea! In a nutshell, for a donation, a flock of classic pink flamingos magically migrate to the front yard of the donation givers choice.Here's our flyer - We ordered the flamingos online to save money. They day the fed ex guy brought the birds - the kids had so much fun! Mistee and Jessica made two large wooden pink ribbons to post with the flamingos so passers by will know why the birds are there. On the front door of the person flocked we place a flyer and order form so they can in turn pay it forward to another friend. So far this has been alot of fun, though were having a hard time getting the word out. When people hear about it, they love it! Here's Jess flocking one of our first houses-

This weekend we'll be driving to Lubbock to pick up 75 boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. They have a great fund raising program. If you qualify for fund raising pricing, its $2.5 a box that you turn and sell for $5. Hopefully theyll do well. We'll see!

If you want more information on any of these ideas or have suggestions of your own - please feel free to let me know!


Friday, May 21, 2010

Last year a friend from high school walked in the Susan G Komen 3 Day for the Cure. She posted her training and fund raising experiences on both MySpace and Facebook. While reading her posts, I was intrigued to say the least. However, I kind of blew off the idea for it would be silly to think I could participate in an event benefiting breast cancer. I don't have breast cancer. I have no family who are or have ever fought the disease. Shoot, I don't even have daughters, only boys (and four of em at that!)The closest the disease has come to me personally is through a good friends mother. Her reconstruction after a double mastectomy was less than a year ago. She is a wonderful woman but I really didn't think it was enough of a connection for me to participate in an event like that. I felt like I would be out of place. Who do I think I am to participate in an event like this?

Not only do I, thankfully not have a personal connection to this disease - while reading my friends posts on her journey I was sitting at 260 pounds and in the worse shape of my life.

If you've never heard of the Komen 3 Day for the Cure - Its a 60 - YES! I SAID SIXTY! mile walk. It takes place over three days - 20 miles a day. In the evening, the participants sleep in tents that are provided by Komen. So, not only is it a ton of miles to walk but there's no cushy bed or air conditioning. I have no problem walking and have always been in overall good health and I love to camp. But come on people? 60 miles AND camp? Oh, and lets not forget the kicker - the fund raising. Each participant is required to raise $2300. No $2300 - no walk. Boy, these Komen people expect a lot, huh?

I had been in a funk the previous couple of months. I felt my life was getting dull. Get up, chase kiddos, clean the house and go to bed. The next morning, get up and do it all over again. Please dont get me wrong - I LOVE being a sahm and child care provider. I wouldn't trade it for the world. However, it is a thankless job and a lot of hard work. If you know a sahm, hug her and tell her she is appreciated. It will mean the world to her, I guarantee it!

So, secretly I read about and researched this walk. I needed something big. Something I could be a part of that would make people say, "You did WHAT? WOW!" Something that would make me proud of myself beyond belief. I thought about it and I prayed about it. Then I received the information pack and watched the dvd that comes with the pack. It was all down hill from there! The dvd is so inspirational!

From that point I decided this was something I WANTED to do but honestly didn't know if I was CAPABLE of doing. I was looking for something big - but can I handle something THIS BIG?

My biggest issue at that point was my weight. I was miserable in my own skin and knew there was no way I could handle three 20 mile walks in the condition I was in. So, I decided to get up off of my butt, move my body and start watching what I put in my mouth. During my weight loss and healthier lifestyle change, I talked 3 Day talk with several of my friends. I told them this is what I was going to do. I casually asked if they wanted to walk with me but I honestly didn't think anyone would be as crazy as I was to want to do this. Boy, was I surprised! Several of my close friends jumped on the bad wagon and were ready to go. They all have their own connections to this horrible disease. We all talked together and decided we would be there to support each other in fund raising and walking. We would be a team. A team of women doing something big to fight a disease that's big.


I started my 3 Day research in November of 2009 and started my weight loss journey in January of 2010. In the last four months I have lost 47 pounds, have registered to do the walk, have started training and only have roughly $900 left to make my $2300 minimum. Our team, The Love Jugs has a roster of 7 - all first time walkers! I am in the middle of something big! My frame of mind has completely changed - instead of this being something I WANTED to do but didn't know if I was CAPABLE of doing - I WILL be doing this because I CAN do it!